Cutout tool for drywall

The Ultimate Cutout Tool for Drywall, Sheetrock, Paneling and Wallboard

Are you getting ready to do a drywall or paneling job? The Marks-it-Right Template is the whole answer for mounting, marking & cutting electrical box cutouts in drywall & sheetrock for plastic electrical boxes. A great time-saving tool for do-it-yourself'ers or contractors!

No more wasted cutouts in sheetrock
  • No measuring! Ultra-accurate cutouts!
  • Fits most plastic electric outlet boxes
  • It mounts the box & marks the opening!
  • No more wasted drywall or paneling!
  • No need for expensive drywall routers!
  • Handles Multiple-Gang Boxes Too!
Fits most electrical outlets


      • Stop Wasting Time!
      • Stop Wasting Money!
      • Stop the Frustration of Drywall Cutout Jobs!
      • Speed up your next Drywall Job!
Drywall cutout tool Flash demo

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