How-to Cut Electrical Box Openings in Drywall, Sheetrock, Paneling and Wallboard Hassle-Free!

Marking and cutting those pesky electrical box openings is now easier than ever. The Marks-it-Right Template makes drywall routers obsolete and takes that tedious job of measuring, cutting, trimming and fitting a thing of the past!

Most Do-it-Yourself'ers and even contractors hate working with drywall. If all that were needed was to hang large sheets that would be one thing, but it's cutting all those electrical box openings that create the most hassle. That's the part of the job that most people hate. However, since the invention of the Marks-it-Right Template, the job of making cutouts and opening for electrical boxes in drywall, sheetrock, wallboard and paneling has gotten MUCH easier!

What are the Problems in Cutting Electrical Box Openings?

ELECRICAL BOX PROTRUSION FROM STUD FACE: One problem in making electrical box cutouts begin with mounting the electrical box to the stud. Getting the correct amount of protrusion of the electrical box from the face of the stud is very important to a successful drywall job. The Marks-it-Right Template solves this problem by providing a depth gage attachment which when set to the thickness of the drywall or sheetrock being used on your job, will mount the electrical box to exactly the correct depth for the job.

MEASUREMENT ERRORS: The second problem in cutting electrical box openings for most do-it-yourself'ers is a result of measurement mistakes in the old-school method of Measure and Duplicate. That method is very error prone because of all the measurements that are made on the wall relative to the electrical outlet and then the re-creation of those dimensions on the drywall piece. Some people (who will remain name-less) are prone to mirror-imaging the dimensions or mistaking the number of 4ths or 8ths. The net result is an electrical cutout which is either: offset in one direction, too small or too large or some combination of those three. The end result is wasted time and wasted materials but most of all: FRUSTRATION!

How Does the Marks-it-Right Template Solve These Problems?

First, the Marks-it-Right Template allows you to properly hang the electrical box at precicly the correct depth for the thickness of drywall you are using.

Second, the Marks-it-Right Template allows you to cut electrical box openings without measuring! You can create ultrap-precision electrical box cutouts in a fraction of the time measuring takes!

The Marks-it-Right Templates saves time. It sames money and wasted materials. And most of all, your next drywall project becomes much more enjoyable!

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